Spotted Agate Sphere

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- Spotted Agate Sphere -


I love the colours in this sphere, so unusual!

Measuring 6.89cms in diameter, this sphere is priced at $59.95 AUD 
Stand sold separately


“Reminiscent of a cobble-stoned street, spotted Agate is a healing stone for body, mind and spirit. An earth stone, this variety of Agate lends itself to keeping you grounded; but while holding it, you may feel as if you need to take the least-trodden path. Let go and have some fun, is what Spotted Agate will tell you. It can increase concentration, honesty and memory. Agate also protects the wearer from psychic attack, thereby preventing negative energy from harming you.

Physically, Agate increases stamina, helps with digestive conditions and protects the body from harmful radiation from X-rays.

Agate is formed with bands of microscopic quartz crystals. It is a variety of Chalcedony. Agate is a grounding stone as well as a spiritual stone, allowing one to bring their spiritual experiences into their everyday reality. Agate is believed to improve mental functions and can help where issues of clarity and stability are concerned. Agate is also helpful in overcoming negative emotions by bringing love into the chakras. Although they work very slowly and deliberately, the gentle nature of Agate helps it to have a lasting impact.”