Anandalite Cluster SKU 18726

Anandalite Cluster SKU 18726

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- Anandalite Cluster SKU 18726 -

So this piece was one that I found a little while ago and have been questioning its original ‘label’ of Apophyllite.

I saw and stocked some Anandalite many years ago and I am certain that this is also a piece of it due to the pretty flash of the points that catch my eye every time I walk by it.

It has demanded very gently and firmly that I make certain that it is known as Anandalite - which is really quite a magnificent find in amongst the Apophyllite!

Weighing in at 406g and measuring 10.9 x 8.9 x 3.3cms, this very special cluster is priced at $32.95 AUD